Rising by Design: Celebrating 6 Fierce Feminine Leaders


Earlier this spring, I shared a post that showcased a handful of Rise by Designers and the abundance of epic goodness they are broadcasting in the world. It was a super fun piece to pull together because the five women I featured are so near and dear to me, and really, there's nothing I like doing more than spotlighting beauty, bravery, and brilliance.  

However, it was a stretch in visibility and vulnerability for all of us - myself included. Because in addition to asking these women to be seen and celebrated in a big way, I'd also invited each of them to offer up a few thoughts regarding their experiences of me and my work to include in the article. Not an easy thing to do.   

Because here's the thing. While I've willingly signed up for this role as an ambassador of sisterhood, celebration, support, and solidarity in a pretty public way, I'm definitely not immune to bouts of fear, self-doubt, and insecurity. Yet at the same time, it would be entirely out of integrity for me to keep sending out these clarion calls for women to stand in their power, speak their truth, ask for what they need, proudly promote their businesses, and shine their bright lights if I'm not willing to do the same with some audaciousness, authenticity, and consistency - even if it feels difficult on occasion.

I've just learned how to keep leaning into the discomfort of it all and use it as fuel to move forward rather than causing me to stall out and shrink down. 

It's really a matter of making the choice to rise rather than hide, over and over and over again. 

And so, here we are again and I'm delightedly taking the journey once more with a whole new of sister-loves whom I adore, admire, and respect like mad.

Here's who you're going to meet:  

In her words 2018 FB-2.png

ANGELA - a heart-centred, purpose-driven personal trainer who exercises courage and compassion on the daily.    

CARALEE - a wholistic sex, love, and relationship coach on a mission to infuse the world with a whole lot more passion and pleasure.

CHELSEA - a soulful small business owner who loves fearlessly, lives truthfully, and gives endlessly.

CRYSTAL - a celebrated event expert who effortlessly exudes excellence and elegance at every turn.  

JACKIE - an inspired entrepreneur and bold business owner who moves the world with integrity, grace, and thoughtfulness.  

KAREN - a culinary goddess with a selfless spirit who embodies ancient wisdom.

As Robert Burns, the great 18th-century Scottish poet and songwriter, once said: 

"Oh would some power the gift give us,to see ourselves as others see us."    

The above descriptions very accurately describe how I so honestly see the six women below and how they show up in my life and heart. However, these short sentences capture but an ounce of their essences and the extraordinary contributions they make in the lives of those they love, lead, and serve. I wholly encourage you to check out the various links in their profiles and urge you to reach out to any one of them if you feel called to do so.  

And of course, I'm beyond humbled and honoured to receive the gracious gifts of how they see me and the time we've spent together. It is my sincere hope and wish that our stories and celebrations will inspire, embolden, and uplift you.  



Angela Erickson, owner and operator of Fit Prairie Girl, is a body positive personal trainer empowering women to courageously love themselves unconditionally. She provides a space where women feel strong, brave, confident, worthy, and part of a supportive community.

Leaving the corporate world in 2016 allowed her to find her passion and purpose, which lead her to fitness. Angela aspires to work with women who are ready to find their power and strength. She trains her clients to celebrate their inner badass and is inspired daily when they unleash their power. Integrating fitness into her own lifestyle helped her personally manage depression and anxiety. Now, she has the firsthand opportunity to witness the healing powers that movement has for her clients when coping with grief and/or self-doubt on a regular basis. 

Angela offers one-on-one training and small group sessions in Warman and Saskatoon in an unintimidating environment.  Wherever you are on your journey, she’s ready to help you…do you…for you.


“Have you ever been stuck and wonder how the hell you are going to make it through?  I often wonder where the Universe would have taken me had I not enrolled in Rise By Design with Jami. Just before taking the course, I did what some have labeled as “the unthinkable” and left my career of 16 years, yet I had no freaking idea of what life was going to look like moving forward, other than I knew fitness and wellness would play a large part. 

Rise by Design took my soul on a guided tour of healing and then transformed it into this magnificent light. The sisterhood was, and continues to be, solid. The deep and soulful discussions helped me discover the connections between what I was called to do and where I recognized my greatest power and strength. The journey was absolutely right for me.”  



CaraLee Rast is an Integrated Sex, Love, and Relationship Coach. In her work, CaraLee expertly guides and supports individuals and couples through the process of uncovering and fully claiming their deepest desires, truest passions, and every hidden piece of their magnificent potential in a non-judgemental space of love, safety, and compassion. Her mission is to help men and women tap into their personal power, transcend limiting beliefs, and create rich and nourishing relationships  - with themselves, their partners, and Mother Earth - that are soulfully aligned and overflowing with integrity, intimacy, vitality, and sensuality.    


“It is a great honour and the purest of pleasures to share my experience of Rise by Design and working with Jami. I’ll be the first to admit I went into the program a little sceptical, yet still interested to learn the "hidden skills" of women’s leadership in order to better lead and compete in a male dominated industry. HOWEVER, what I walked out of this life experience with (and believe me on this, it is a transformational LIFE experience!) was a profound and deeper understanding of who I was as a woman, which actually led me to leave my career and ultimately start to follow my passion.

Jami has this gorgeous gift of seeing you in a way that you can't, don't, or won't see of yourself, and then is able reflect back your brilliance, power, undeniable worth - the worth of your time, your energy, and your ability to live your best life. Jami is an inspiration and a matriarch to an unbelievable tribe of like-minded, lustrous women who are stepping out into the world in big, beautiful, and brave ways. 

RBD pointed me down the path to finding my life's passion in my career as a coach, and opened me up to sisterhood, support, and how I truly wanted to feel in my body and in my life. It opened me up to how I wanted to be showing up in the world and how I wanted to be offering my gifts. This woman and this program forever changed my life, because Jami gave me the reflection of my own dazzling brilliance, along with the tools to harness it for life.

Thank you Jami for genius, your bravery, and all the loveliness you have brought into my life. ❤"



Chelsea Stebner is Owner and Managing Partner of Parr Auto Body. Her role focuses on Business Development, HR, industry relations, and more. She’s passionate and committed to her team and the betterment of the collision repair industry, as well as her community in Saskatoon. Chelsea is involved with several industry boards as well as local business committees. Chelsea is wife to Mark and Mom to Kate and Allison. She’s an avid reader, as well as an expert cinnamon roll and cookie baker and fisherwoman. 


“Rise by Design could not have happened at a more pivotal time in my career and life. With constant change and growing - as a businessperson, wife and Mom - RBD was an amazing opportunity to develop and better learn what I needed as a person to become a stronger woman and more effective and engaged leader.  

When so many of us are so busy being busy and struggling to find space and presence in our world today, Jami’s leadership and teachings evoke a sense of empowerment and togetherness and help give one the voice and the strength to walk forward in life. Immeasurably, the sisterhood that she’s created is making waves in our community and is changing how women lead their lives. What Jami offers - support, finding voice, leading with wisdom, grace, authenticity, and strength - will continue to create positive change in our world today and in the future.  

The camaraderie and support received throughout Rise continues long beyond the completion of the course. I can’t wait to continue on my journey with the women I’ve met and the connections that have been created. If you’re looking for to make a difference in your life and those around you – look no further than RBD and step into a brighter world.”


Crystal MacLeod Head Shot FINAL.jpg

Crystal is the owner and a five-time national award winning event planner whose work has been featured in the magazines Wed Luxe and Wedding Bells. Her expert advice has been shared with listeners, viewers, and readers on CBC Radio, CTV News, Global News and the Star Phoenix.

With a background in fashion, fine arts, and certification from the Wedding Planners Institute of Canada and the Protocol School of Washington, Crystal has continuously turned dreams into reality by successfully executing hundreds of weddings and corporate events.

Crystal’s spare time is spent with her husband Marc, their son Anderson and daughter Ellie, who can all tie a pretty great chair cover when needed.


“My path first crossed with Jami’s in the event world and I was immediately in awe. As an event planner I am often praised for my calm demeanor and ability to remain poised and in control under pressure. I quickly noted that Jami took this to a whole new level. I wanted what she was having! 

I enrolled in Rise By Design at one of the busiest times in my life. My business was growing, I was training new staff, and I had a 6 month-old baby. It was the worst possible time to commit myself to anything, but it also came at the very time I needed it most. 

My single biggest takeaway from Rise by Design was value; how I value my business, my time, and most importantly - myself. Jami guided me to examine my personal life, my career, what was and wasn’t serving me, and what I was truly passionate about. It was through her leadership and thought provoking exercises that I realized the empowerment that comes with setting boundaries and the ability to say “no” - to clients, situations, people - anything that wasn't contributing in a meaningful way to the vision I had for my life and business. 

I wholeheartedly recommend Rise by Design to any woman looking to amplify, simplify, and enjoy life more. Be prepared to do some soul searching, while also reaping the benefits of Jami’s warm but firm approach to getting you to ask yourself those difficult questions and most importantly - coming up with a plan to answer them.” 



Jackie is an entrepreneur at heart. She runs an environmental consulting company, a residential development company, and a safety company. She is also a wife and a mother to two young girls.  

She is on the board of the Business and Professional Women of Saskatoon and is always looking for the next business opportunity. Jackie is passionate about spending time with her family at the cabin they built together and can be found there most weekends throughout the year.


“A couple of years ago I was searching for more connection within my community. In my work, I mostly collaborate with men, with very few women in the fields I specialize in. I am also a life long learner so was drawn to the idea of improving my leadership skills and at the same time meeting and learning from some other strong women in Saskatoon. 

I had seen that a few women I knew had recently completed Rise by Design, so it seemed like a great option for me and the right time to do it. The course opened my eyes to a whole new way of thinking about leadership and how that translates into better business.  

Jami provides direction, clarity, and tangible exercises that push you to strive to be the best version of yourself. What I also got out of the course, which I didn’t expect, was such a strong connection to the other women. We have continued to get together on a regular basis since the class concluded and have formed lasting friendships that I cherish. RBD is an investment in yourself and your business. You deserve it. You don’t know what you are missing!”



Karen is a multi-passionate entrepreneur, the morning show television director at CTV Saskatoon, and one of the producers of Telemiracle. Among her passions include Wild Prairie Garden where she grows her own vegetables for her food manufacturing business, Field Fox Gardens and Cookery. 

Karen also dabbles in writing and loves to get lost in the kitchen creating food dishes for family and business. She also happens to be the mother of two of the most amazing children on the planet.


“As a professional woman closing in on 50, I found myself feeling very alone. Even though loving family, friends, and colleagues always surrounded me, my joy for living was hidden under a thick layer of fear - fear of acknowledging what was underneath the throbbing pain in my heart. I had a deep fear of not knowing how to be a whole woman. As I embraced the lessons and exercises Jami put forward to us, I began to feel safe and I was able to release the fear, and I blossomed. 

During our communion Jami gives us permission to celebrate our feminine power, beauty, intellect, and individuality. She gives us a safe place to dig as deep as we can go so we can heal our wounds. She gives us space to be ourselves, right where we are at, and then uses her innate wisdom to challenge us to rise further. Through her thoughtful and engaging curriculum, Jami challenges us to be whole for ourselves, our families, and our beloved friends, and to be a contributing individual in our communities.

Her kindness, all-inclusive nature, accessibility, powerful intuition, confidence and spiritual preparedness, sets her above the rest. She has self-knowledge and a hunger for more. She has a genuine curiosity of others' hearts and minds, but always asks permission to enter. Her deep desire to help others has garnered tremendous respect from the Legions of Ladies gathering at the hem of her dress. Jami asks us to rise up, to link arms in solidarity at the coming of the tide, so we can, together, raise all ships.

She has given us strength and passion, friendship and hope.”