an INspiring AND interactive  training program for emerging + Expanding Women leaders

Ready to enliven your leadership capabilities and step into
higher possibilities for your life + career?

victoria schmid rise by design leadership

Rise by Design addresses the core attributes of personal leadership across a variety of sectors - from public service to entrepreneurship. Regardless of your industry or type of work, understanding and improving the way in which we lead as women is vital to achieving better work environments, greater balance, and more happiness. Rise by Design is a phenomenal course that I would highly recommend to any professional woman!

Victoria Schmid, Executive Director, Vancouver Island Health Authority

// You feel stuck, uncertain, unsatisfied, or unfulfilled

// Your relationships lack the harmony or stability you desire 

// You know you need to build a larger network, but struggle with connecting with new people

// You have resistance around using your voice and asking for what you want and need

// You feel pressured to please others at the expense of your own wellbeing

// You find yourself in constant comparison with other women

// You struggle with visibility and the willingness to be truly and authentically seen

// You worry about being judged and criticized by others

// You lack clarity on your unique gifts, strengths and talents

// You don’t have the support, encouragement, and accountability you need to make the changes that are keeping you small

// You crave the support of other women who can deeply relate to your challenges and fears

Now I design my life + career on purpose.

It takes courage + a plan. 

I'll teach you how to cultivate both.


Alongside a group other rising,remarkable women,you'll learn how to:

// Have more influence and impact in every area of your life

// Tap into your genuine strengths and learn to leverage them

// Stop using criticism and praise as performance measurements

// Set and hold boundaries in your personal and professional life

// Unhook from the need to have the approval of others

// Express your ideas with confidence and conviction

// Navigate difficult situations with ease 

// Stop thinking you need to be more than you already are

// Increase your earning potential

// Get more comfortable with self-promotion and earn valuable recognition for your work

// Address the limiting beliefs that are serving as barriers to your success

// Innovate your ideas with resourcefulness and creativity

// Integrate new mindsets and behaviours to enhance your performance, productivity, happiness, and fulfillment

rohanna wheatley at rise by design

I've never felt more excited to begin a new chapter in my life! The course was so motivating, inspiring and empowering. I would recommend to women of all ages, from all walks of life. After each session, I left with an elevated sense of gratitude, greater confidence and feeling fully supported by a brilliant group of incredible women!

Rohanna Wheatley

I think every woman should take this course - EVERY. SINGLE. WOMAN. Jami was amazing, inspiring and so uplifting. She inspired me, and I hope many, many more women to come! We need to work together and be supportive of other women, while celebrating our successes and helping each other achieve those victories along the way.

Caralee Halmrast


Lana Wickstrom Rise By Design In Saskatoon Canada

My work with Jami Young has brought more value to my personal and professional life than any other single piece of formal or informal education I have invested in to date.  

Jami introduced me to concepts, tools and language in a unique style that enabled me to rapidly deepen and widen my personal leadership skills. With Jami's coaching, I was able to truly understand, articulate and use my natural strengths to discover my true place of service. Jami's compassionate and insightful support has inspired me to show up, play big and celebrate. Without Jami, I would not have found the fiercely needed confidence and clarity to bravely pursue professional work that deeply resonates with me. 

I will remain eternally grateful to Jami for the accessible and diverse ways that she offers her services and for bravely shining her light for me. 

Lana Wickstrom, Separation Specialist //


Cavelle Olson-Lepage Jami Young's Rise By Design Program For Women

The Rise by Design Leadership Program for Women was incredibly beneficial to me.  I was able to grow both personally and professionally in so many ways. Because of that, it’s hard to pick what I loved most about the course!

As a result of the work I did with Jami, I feel as though I am more aware of my actions and more confident in the decisions I make. The practices and strategies I learned throughout the course have been invaluable in life and work. I can honestly say that I feel less stressed in every area of my life and I now view every day as a new opportunity to make a difference.

All of the sessions were incredibly welcoming and enjoyable to participate in, which was due to Jami’s passion, confidence, and her ability to put everyone at ease. Our 8 weeks together felt too short! I look forward to taking more of Jami’s courses in the future.

Caval Olson-Lepage, Certified Financial Planner & Blogger //


Julie Valette Rise By Design Saskatoon Canada

Working with Jami was a life changing experience, both personally and professionally.

I wake up far more grateful for the simple things, and move through my day with grace and an open, caring heart.  Conversations with my husband are deeper and far more respectful from the techniques that Jami taught me.

Professionally, I have learned to bring life to my dreams and make deep connections with other strong, smart women who are in the business of helping other women. 

Jami has been my angel. Her love, kindness, grace, intelligence, and strength have helped me move past some difficult barriers I was putting up - even some I didn't know were there! Thank you Jami!

Julie Valette, Registered Nurse & Founder of GirlSurgence


Renelle Blanchette Rise By Design

Rise by Design has been a life changing experience and I’ve experienced so many positive changes over the course of this program. I feel more confident and now have the tools I need to take a leap of faith to quit my job and start my own business.

The support from Jami and the other women in the group has made me realize that most women are facing similar struggles – we are not alone. The topics we covered are crucial to being a leader, an entrepreneur, and a woman in a way that feels good, rather than caving into others’ expectations of us. By digging deep on a number of topics, I have gotten to know myself better and have also become more mindful and assertive in relationships with friends, family, and coworkers.

Jami is a remarkable mentor and facilitator. She is authentic and kind, and most of all, passionate about Rise by Design and all those she is inspiring to be empowered women and leaders in our communities. Jami creates a safe and encouraging space for optimal personal growth. I encourage all women to sign up for Rise by Design.

Renelle Blanchette, Yogipreneur  //


Angela Erickson Rise By Design Leadership Coaching For Women

Working with Jami always leaves me feeling inspired. Her unconditional honesty, beautiful strength, and powerful truth have motivated me to continue on my journey to rise up to be my best version of myself.  Jami’s support during this transformation has been invaluable and our focused time together is always full-out productive. I am beyond thankful Jami and Rise by Design came into my life at the exact time I needed it.  Funny how that happens, right? 

Angela Erickson, Certified Personal Trainer & Healthy Eating Coach //     

Dr. Joanne Bourgault Rise By Design

I now feel much more confident that I can build the business of my dreams! I’ve been spinning my wheels for the last couple of years, unsure where to direct my efforts to take my dental practice to the next level. With the new tools and knowledge I gained, I have much more clarity and excitement around the specific areas I need to focus on to get there. I really wish I would’ve gone through the course BEFORE buying my own business!

Jami is absolutely lovely to work with. The passion she demonstrates for women in leadership is palpable, and she combines that with valuable, actionable knowledge in a way that is accessible and empowering. Everything we learned in Rise by Design is very useful in my day-to-day life. The topics we covered are important to being a leader and entrepreneur in a way that FEELS GOOD to me, rather than trying so hard to develop skills that aren’t aligned with my particular values and strengths.

Dr. Joanne Bourgault, CEO, Dentist, and Blogger //

julie howard rise by design

I was really inspired by everything we learned and I feel so much more confident knowing I have been given the tools to succeed. It was also inspiring to hear the stories behind the other women’s journeys to success. All of the sessions were beneficial and the group size was perfect; we had the chance to learn from each other, but still received individualized attention in a warm, honest atmosphere. Because this program helped me so much personally, I will definitely recommend it to other women.

Julie Howard, Nurse

krista martens beyond measure design rise by design

When I was asked to share the changes I’ve noticed in my life and business since joining Rise by Design, my answer was: “EVERYTHING!” The question really should’ve been, “what hasn’t changed?”

The skills that we learned in such a short time frame are life changing - if you’re willing to do the work, you will see immense results!  My passion for what I do has been reignited and I’m communicating my purpose and services to others in a more authentic and effective way.

This course is an amazing opportunity that I would highly recommend to any entrepreneur or self-driven person. Jami is one of the most honest facilitators I’ve had the pleasure of learning from. I never once felt uncomfortable sharing my point of view - she understands her participants, has empathy for their journey in life and is passionate about making them greater leaders in their communities.

Krista Martens, Owner and Principal Designer //

michelle donald rise by design

Rise by Design provided an important opportunity for self-exploration of my strengths and how to improve on those, rather than focusing on weaknesses. As I’ve been applying this mindset, things that once seemed impossible or hard are becoming more like second nature. I’m approaching self-promotion with more confidence and learned valuable networking strategies that will contribute to my ongoing personal growth and business success.

I’ve definitely noticed significant and positive changes in my communication style. I’m more definitive and decisive in life and business conversations, including those with my husband and business partner. My interactions with clients and colleagues have elevated and improved as a result of the strategies we learned. Jami’s guidance helped me to recognize how rewarding it can be to see from within, while simultaneously placing less emphasis and concern on how others see me from the outside. I truly enjoyed the course and would highly recommend it!

Michelle Donald, BSCPT, BSC (HONS), CAFCI, CGTTP  //

Robin’s Nest Café Rise By Design

The entire program was a great experience. I think all women should take a course like Rise by Design! Not only does it open your eyes to new ideas and different ways of thinking, but it was a powerful reminder that we all share many of the same insecurities and challenges.

Jami was awesome and created a safe and encouraging environment. We were able to dig deep and answer difficult questions in positive ways that we’ll all continue to grow and learn from.

I really enjoyed every topic we covered, but especially loved the sessions on money and strengths development! It all has helped in so many ways in my everyday life. I’m definitely approaching my business, personal and leadership roles with greater confidence and conviction. My only complaint? The eight weeks went by far too quickly!

Robin Odnokon, Mayor of Vanscoy/Owner of Robin’s Nest Café