Looking for a candid AND compelling PRESENTER with courageous AND contagious ideas?

With a deep understanding of the distinct challenges of working professionals, driven entrepreneurs, and multi-passionate creatives, Jami delivers dynamic and thought-provoking experiences that leave attendees feeling energized, inspired, and emboldened.

Speaking & FACILITATION Formats:

  • Keynote Presentations (20 – 60 minutes)
  • Customized Workshops & Trainings (Full or Half-day)
  • Panel Participation


  • Enlightened Leadership for Women
  • Conscious Business Building
  • Personal Power & Authentic Living
  • Creativity & The Art of Visibility

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Adrienne Perrot Jami Young Rise By Design

The first time I met Jami was the first time I heard her speak...and I was spellbound. Jami speaks directly from her heart into the hearts of her audience; she asks herself not only what she needs to say, but also what we most need to hear. Thank you, Jami, for using your voice to inspire us to use our own!

Adrienne Perrot

Tegan Trovato Jami Young Rise By Design

I had the pleasure of hearing Jami speak in Chicago where she presented to and facilitated exercises for a room of 30 women leaders. Her focus was on the unique talents that women bring to work and life, while additionally offering important insights into how we hold ourselves back and make ourselves small when we shouldn’t.

I loved that she opened her time with us by assigning us to small groups for a couple of fun, impactful exercises. Whenever you bring this many powerful women together, it is quite moving for us to open up to each other and get personal right away. Though there were several aspects of her facilitation and speaking that I enjoyed, the thing that most impacted me was watching each woman identify and own one of her top strengths in front of the group. As each woman shared her strength there was often an immediate murmur that followed from the group - a collective appreciation, sigh, or an audible "WOW, that’s great.”

As a former corporate HR leader, I’ve hired many leadership speakers for my teams. It was refreshing to be in the “audience” for a change because this wasn’t just any audience. This was a group of strong women leaders who became united and inspired by the unique energy, spirit, and storytelling that only Jami can bring to the room. I highly recommend Jami for public speaking engagements and group facilitation.

Tegan Trovato  |  Founder of Workplace Forward

Kelly Keegan Jami Young Rise By Design

Having the opportunity to listen to Jami Young speak is just an absolute delight. She has a particular magic about her in the way she tells a story, one that is totally relatable to everyone in the room, while underneath weaving in a truly inspirational lesson. As a female executive in a business world dominated by masculine energy, Jami’s approach to leadership was a complete breath of fresh air – and it was fun!  She gives you the tools and the loving inspiration to embrace your power and take immediate action.

Kelly Keegan  |  HR Consultant & Leadership Coach

Monica Leonelle Jami Young Rise By Design

I attended two of Jami's leadership sessions and I loved both of them! Before attending, I considered "leadership" a thing that I didn't need to learn about. I'm an entrepreneur, not a manager, so I didn't feel like a leader.

After listening to Jami speak, however, I realize that my limited definition of leadership was holding me back. Jami explained that leadership is about taking personal responsibility and showing up daily in integrity. She also provided tons of tools, tips, and frameworks for showing up as a leader, many that I hadn't thought of before!

It seems obvious now, but it never occurred to me that my issues with my team were my own fault, because *I* hadn't stepped up as a leader in my own company. There was a small part of me that genuinely felt like I didn't need anyone to buy into my vision because I paid them! Jami's presentations helped me come to this realization, and within a few weeks of learning from her, nearly all my team issues were cleaned up. She was a big part of that shift for me.

I would highly recommend taking one of Jami's leadership trainings, in-person if possible. She is a beautiful soul with so much to share. She has such an amazing energy that will make you feel at ease if these concepts are new to you. She truly knows how to have a beautiful life and faces all challenges with a level of grace that I hope to adopt myself someday. And she really cares about you—she's very clear on her mission to bring a new paradigm of leadership to women everywhere, and she'll help you break through any blocks you have around this!

Monica Leonelle  |  Author and CEO

Phoenix Muranetz Jami Young Rise By Design

Impactful, heartfelt, and reverberating to the core - Jami's message and stories on how to lead as a woman and step into your heart's message was deeply moving for our audience at the Awakened Woman Convergence in Bali in 2016.

Speaking with raw honesty, grace, and the wisdom of a seasoned feminine leader, Jami dug deep to share of herself in order to guide the audience to their own awareness. In walking her talk, she offered a fresh approach to navigating the difficult challenges women leaders often encounter as they embody feminine leadership in every area of their lives.

If you're looking for a speaker who will leave people feeling good and entertained, there are many, many to choose from. However, if you want people to step into their power, claim their greatness, and realize genuine transformation, I hands down recommend Jami as the influential leader to catalyze that experience.

Thank you Jami for illuminating the raw and real around feminine leadership!

Phoenix Muranetz  |  Founder, Awakened Woman Convergence

Catarina Andrade Jami Young Rise By Design

Jami doesn't just speak, she delivers. At a recent week-long leadership conference I attended, Jami's speech stood out and has been with me ever since. Her message was memorable, insightful, and compelling; her presence powerful and her delivery engaging in a straight-talking, truth-telling kind of way. I laughed, I cried, and I left genuinely inspired to step into a bigger, bolder version of myself in my work and in my life. If you're looking for a powerhouse speaker to inspire your audience to rise to new heights, Jami's the one.

Catarina Andrade  |  Balance Alchemist & Calm Catalyst for Mamas and Mamas-to-be  

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