In Her Words: A Spotlight on Sisterhood & 5 Inspiring Reasons Why You Should Decide to Rise

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I know I’ve said this a million times in a thousand different ways lately, but every day I deepen more fully, forcefully, and faithfully into this:

When women are seen,celebrated,and supported,they expand their capacity to create extraordinary lives, families,businesses,organizations & communities. 

And this categorically includes me. Over and over and over again. Hands down and head humbly bowed.

I can unabashedly and full-heartedly shout it out to the world that my tribe of soul sisters are the sole reason I continue to rise, shine, and thrive with courage, integrity, and energy – even in the moments when I’d really prefer to be hiding myself away from the world.

I’m beyond blessed to be routinely seen, celebrated, and supported by the five goddesses below. Every one of them came into my life via Rise by Design over the last few years, and in about a billion different brilliant ways, these Super (S)Heroes light up my life - in addition to all of those whom they love, lead, and serve - on the daily.

As the doors for the spring sessions of Rise by Design are currently open for a few more days, I reached out to these five powerhouse females to share their experiences of the course, of me (not gonna lie, THAT felt scary and super vulnerable), and the personal transformations that have transpired as a result of our work together.

Suffice it to say that I was fully unprepared to receive all of their loving, thoughtful, and immensely generous reflections. Some pretty ugly happy crying may have ensued...

Mind blown. Ego shattered. Soul nourished. Heart filled. Life’s work affirmed.

So, what follows below is a synergistic feminine lovefest of epic proportions, as well as a glimpse into what can emerge when you intentionally immerse yourself into a conscious community of brave, lovely, and exceptional women.     

Kelly Bode, Partner/Owner of WMCZ Lawyers


Kelly is a corporate-commercial lawyer and partner at WMCZ Lawyers in Saskatoon, the current Chair of the Saskatoon Chamber of Commerce, and one of the most dedicated, creative, astute, and articulate women I know. Her presence is always a present to me, along with the many others who experience the joy and pleasure of sharing space and time with her. She’s kind of like the gift that just won’t stop giving and I’m entirely privileged to know and love her as I do.  

In her words…

“It is not conjecture to say that Jami has and will continue to single-handedly change the face of leadership in our great city. She is the source of many ripples undulating throughout our community – when one woman has benefited from her training and becomes the leader she has always longed to be; it does not stop there. The enlightened approach and way of interacting, the connection, the power created in that one leader is passed on and through to others and has led to more women supporting one another in more meaningful ways than I have ever witnessed. Thanks to Jami, I and all the other women who have experienced her work, have a network of amazing women who truly want the best for each other and the other women in their lives.”  

Jackie Reimche, Founder and CEO of Freedom Holistic Nutrition


Jackie is non-diet holistic nutritionist who’s primary passion in life is to teach women how to eat and live so that they can be the BEST version of themselves, instead of relentlessly chasing after the smallest version of themselves. She is tirelessly committed to the vision that every woman should have the resources and support to feel fierce, free, and fabulous and she unapologetically walks through her days as a true warrior of this mission. Jackie also happens to be one of the most genuine, gracious and generous women I have ever known and my life is infinitely brighter because she shines her light in it.

In her words…

“I was feeling stuck and alone in my business when I saw an ad for Rise By Design. As I read the description, I just knew I had to take the course. It seemed like a bigger investment than I could make at the time, but instead of overthinking it, I took a deep breath and clicked on the “Sign Up Now” button. Little did I know that “click” would forever change my life. 

Rise By Design was exactly what I needed to help me breathe clarity and purpose into not only my business, but also my personal life. It also helped me develop more confidence and courage to do the things that I want to do. Jami has a gift of truly seeing each individual woman sitting in that room, and bringing out the best in them. She creates a safe and sacred space where life is shared, skills are learned, and connections are created. It's the experience that we have all been looking for. 

One of the best parts is that your work with Jami doesn't end once the class is over. You are then initiated into a community of brilliant and authentic women who have followed Jami's lead and are working to connect and collaborate with each other. 

This experience was truly invaluable and more than I could have hoped for.  I believe that every woman would benefit from this much needed course, because when we are all being fiercely true to who we are and what our passion is, our families, communities, and the world will benefit. I cannot recommend this course highly enough!  Let Jami work her magic in your life. You will never regret it.”  

Shannon Richards, Ambassador of Love, Light & Awesomeness


Shannon is a community igniter and happiness alchemist dedicated to encouraging others to live a life of passion and purpose. Through movement, meditation, laughter, and sunshine, she unconditionally broadcasts love, hope, and sincerity to all of us who have the opportunity to bask in the frequency of her glorious glow. Shannon is the persistent and preeminent ambassador of awesome who proliferates infectious goodness and gladness everywhere she roams. I regularly stalk her on social media and conveniently book events at her workplace so I can “accidently” fall into her arms for one of her legendary hugs.

In her words…

Rise by Design was just the launch pad I so desperately craved. Jami is amazing at holding space and creating a safe environment to encourage deeper reflection. Being a part of Rise by Design helped me to release things that were no longer serving me which then gave me the freedom to envision a bigger life fuelled by my desires. I highly recommend this course for all women interested in levelling up in their personal and professional lives. What are you waiting for?"

Lana Wickstrom, Separation Specialist

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Lana is a visionary advocate who inspires, educates, and expertly supports families and individuals to move through the tremendously deep life transition of separation and divorce with dignity. She is also a renowned community and business leader recognized and much loved for her addictively effervescent personality that unfailingly lights up any room she enters. Without a doubt, Lana is among the most ferocious forces of enlightened feminine leadership that I’ve encountered and I feel infinitely blessed to call her a treasured friend.      

In her words…

“Jami has honed an unparalleled capacity to tap into the exceptional energy that rises from empowering women to become aware of their unique strengths and distinctive necessity for connection, community and celebration. Her contributions include gifting us new language from which to express ourselves, shifting us towards differently measuring our own value and self-worth and encouraging us to reassess boundaries for others and ourselves. Jami has been a vital contributor to the creation, development, and ongoing success of my own business, which she masterfully recognized needed to be a radical departure from what I initially perceived.  Because of Jami Young, leagues of women, including myself, show up and make a difference in the world in bolder and less traditional ways.”

Dawn Wotherspoon, Founder and President of ClubMynx Inc.

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In all that she does, Dawn endeavours to create spaces where women elevate and celebrate themselves and each other. The mission of ClubMynx is to support and empower women by providing uplifting movement and wellness experiences. Dawn is a consummate and conscious leader who consistently creates and nurtures a dynamic community that is characterized by a deep sense of belonging and sisterhood. She is also a poignant and powerful space-holder who brings grace and a lasting sense of serenity to every interaction. Since meeting Dawn, I have had the deep privilege of calling on her in a variety of ways to support me in creating containers of depth and substance.    

In her words…  

“I have had the privilege of participating in several of the leadership programs that Jami has offered, including Soul Stretch, Free to Be Seen, and Rise by Design. The content of these programs was phenomenally uplifting and empowering, and evoked a very real transformation in my leadership abilities, as well as my confidence and courage as a woman. Jami has a remarkable gift for delivering her messages and guidance in an authentically supportive way that has inspired many of us to have the bravery to step forward in our true power as women leaders. Her message of collaboration and the value of sisterhood is such a refreshing approach to doing business today.

In the decade that I have been a self-employed entrepreneur, I have attended and participated in a variety of business trainings, accessed numerous leadership resources, and have benefitted greatly from the insights of many incredibly successful mentors and business advisors. Although all have been a tremendous support for me along my entrepreneurial journey, I can without a doubt share that the ideas, concepts and trainings that Jami has guided me through this year have been some of the most impactful to date. She truly has helped me transform into a more confident and courageous leader, which has subsequently affected the hundreds of women I serve within my business as well. She is an example of someone shining in her true light, and I respect her immensely.”